July 5, 2022

Syd’s Wild Dayz Monday 9 January

With the Venturers due back on site late afternoon Syd took the opportunity to go for a walk at Cradle Mountain.

Most of the UK members were back by around 7pm and all had enjoyed their expeditions. The majority of the 1,000 strong camp were in bed well before the 1am curfew.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Sunday 8 January

Another long but good day for Syd visiting Expedition Units and at the same time seeing the stunning scenery of Tasmania. First off to Freycinet where Amy’s Adventure Tour Unit were based but due to a lack of mobile phone reception we were unable to catch up with them so instead went for a walk along to the Wineglass Bay lookout.

From there a short drive North to Bichinot where we met up with Liam C and Thomas from the Diving Expedition who were both having a great time. Adam’s Diving Unit were still out and Phillip’s Tall Ship Unit were also going to be staying at the site that night because of the forecast of very heavy seas overnight.

Then a long drive back past Launceston to Westbury arriving around 8.30pm to meet the Bush Raiders units where Robbie, David plus Debbie, Duncan & Patrick were all based along with 10 whole Units so over 200 people. Their Expedition Leader Michael had set up a very nice campsite on his own rodeo ranch complete with a stage and bands providing evening entertainment. All there seemed happy and were looking forward to theuir final day’s activity plus Michael had also promised to take David out around the property that night to see what local wildlife they could spot.

Syd’s Expedition Tour ended by returning to Quercus Park and the Venture site ready for the return of the main camp on Monday night.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Saturday 7 January

Syd had a quick look around Salamanca market in Hobart this morning and ran into 2 Expedition Units while there – the Sailing and the Southern Adventure Tour – and found that all Leaders and Venturers that he spoke to were enjoying their Expeditions.

From there the team drove South to Dover and met Neil the expedition manager at their camp site. Half of Dan’s Extreme Adventure Unit were kayaking into the campsite from Dover but Dan was playing beach games at Dover having been in the half that kayaked out. Syd did see both Dan and Liam E shortly afterwards at Hastings Thermal pools – both really enjoying themselves and making plenty of friends within their Units plus Liam has been entertaining the whole campsite in the evenings with his guitar.

Syd travelled further South in search of Guy’s South Cape Experience Unit but after reaching Cockle Creek where we had been told they would be we found that the other Unit were there that night and Guy’s were some way away at a different site for the night.

Again all Venturers having a great time and Expeditions running well.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Friday 6 January

The first full day of Expeditions and Syd travelled with Moose and Chris down to Hobart and planned out the route for the next few days visiting the various Expeditions with an after stop en route in New Norfolk.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Thursday 5 January

Syd and the rest of the camp were woken up by Princess on Wild FM a little after 5 am and from around 5.45 onwards he could be heard chasing up stragglers as the Expeditions all left between 6 and 9am.

Syd then drove out to Stanley where Jason and the Tarkine Tour were starting off and after delicious fish and chips took a very windy chairlift to the top of the Nut – great views of the surrounding area and Chris and Moose also spotted a couple of wallabies in the wild.

In the evening Syd joined the VOC and some of the other Contingent teams for dinner in Launceston before heading off South tomorrow to start to visit UK members on their Expeditions.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Wednesday 4 January

After an early morning shower the Venture site has again been hot and sunny throughout the day. A full day of onsite activities were available around the site although largely a fairly relaxed day after pre-tours, travel to the Venture and ahead of the Expeditions.

Tonight bands and DJs are on until around midnight though some will need an early night as the Expedition departures commence from 6.30 am tomorrow morning.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Tuesday 3 January

The UK Contingent have all safely arrived in Tasmania with the Yorkshire Contingent flying in from Sydney at 11.30 and the Bexleyheath Contingent arriving from Melbourne at 13.00 After a short transfer of around 20 minutes we arrived at Quercus Park, met up with one another and also the Explorers, Duncan, Patrick and Debbie met up with their Expedition Units for the first time as they all camp together as a Unit throughout the Venture.

The Northallerton Explorers had all thoroughly enjoyed their week in Sydney and Syd spotted several of them around the site with their new found Australian friends while Chris, Moose and Duncan met up with friends made at previous Ventures.

After dinner the camp was formally opened by the camp chief and Venture organisers together with local dignatories before entertainment kicked off culminating in an appearance by The Jezebels, a well known Australian band.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Monday 2 January

Temperatures have hit 40 degrees in Melbourne but luckily Syd & Co were off to the Yarra Valley for a wine tasting tour of 4 vineyards. Moose’s directional problems found a new challenge as he confused the red wines ‘La Droite’ and ‘La Gauche’!!

In the evening we took the tram down to the beach resort of St Kilda where people were still swimming and playing on the beach past 11pm.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Tasmania for the start of the Venture.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Sunday 1 January 2012

New Year’s day has been a scorcher with temperatures reaching 35 degrees.

We drove out to Ballarat, the site of the Sovereign Hill Gold Rush town and museum where Moose panned for gold but didn’t make his fortune and the whole team went underground into Red Hill mine.

After leaving Ballarat we drove cross country to Wallan where Graham Whelan, a Unit leader with Chris in 2006 at the Venture in New South Wales, generously hosted us for a fine Aussie barbecue along with some of their group’s Leaders and Venturers who are going off to the Venture by ferry tomorrow night.

On the way home Moose being ‘directionally challenged’ almost led to him performing a novel hook left turn on the way home!!

Syd’s Wild Dayz New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year to you all from Down Under!!

We enjoyed a river cruise along the Yarra with a buffet and DJ which gave us a very good view of both the 9.30 fireworks in Docklands and the midnight fireworks on the skyscrapers of Southbank before returning to Federation Wharf at 01.00 and making the short walk back to our hotel in our shirtsleeves.