June 20, 2021

Syd’s Escape Diary 09.01.2009

The expeditions finished and struck camp on Friday morning before returning back to Fairbridge from around 3pm onwards.

All that we’ve seen have had an ‘awesome’ time on their major expedition and have made plenty of new Aussie friends. Martin has just used a different adjective for his 4 x 4 expedition describing it as ‘immense’ and was elected his expedition chairman.

The line leaders we’ve seen have also been really complimentary about their ‘Pommie’ Venturers!!

Each expedition unit then had to pitch their tents back on the footy oval plus a shelter to keep out of the sun.

After dinner was the opening ceremony – a welcome from an Aborigine elder, a parade of state plus international contingent flags, a few brief words from the Camp Chief, Scott Sargant and then a few bands playing until 1am.

Weather update – forecast 35C tomorrow and 38C on Sunday so a case of slip, slop, slap and drinking plenty of water.

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