August 19, 2022

Syd’s Wild Dayz Saturday 7 January

Syd had a quick look around Salamanca market in Hobart this morning and ran into 2 Expedition Units while there – the Sailing and the Southern Adventure Tour – and found that all Leaders and Venturers that he spoke to were enjoying their Expeditions.

From there the team drove South to Dover and met Neil the expedition manager at their camp site. Half of Dan’s Extreme Adventure Unit were kayaking into the campsite from Dover but Dan was playing beach games at Dover having been in the half that kayaked out. Syd did see both Dan and Liam E shortly afterwards at Hastings Thermal pools – both really enjoying themselves and making plenty of friends within their Units plus Liam has been entertaining the whole campsite in the evenings with his guitar.

Syd travelled further South in search of Guy’s South Cape Experience Unit but after reaching Cockle Creek where we had been told they would be we found that the other Unit were there that night and Guy’s were some way away at a different site for the night.

Again all Venturers having a great time and Expeditions running well.

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