August 19, 2022

Wild Dayz 2012

The UK Contingent fee of £1,050 includes the Venture fee, Scout Association insurance for up to 6 weeks in Australia, UK Contingent clothing, a pre Venture Contingent weekend camp in the UK during September 2011 (excluding travel to and from the site) and support from the UK Contingent Team during Wild Dayz.

We reserve the right to impose a currency surcharge should the exchange rate fall below GBP1 = AUD1.60.

In all cases you will need to book and pay for flights from the UK to Australia and back and the ETA electronic Visa required to enter Australia. Long haul flights can generally be booked approximately 11 months prior to departure. If there are 10 or more of you travelling from your Unit you will need to book through an ABTA bonded travel agent – we will happily recommend the one we used in 2009 if required. Unless you are booked on the Pre and Post Venture Tours you will also need to arrange internal transfers between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Depending on numbers we may also try and co-ordinate the booking so that the Contingent travels on the same flights.

If any Under 18s wish to attend the Venture without Leaders then we will try and link them with other local UK Units attending or they may fly unaccompanied, provided parents authorise this, and we will meet them at the airport in either Melbourne or Tasmania.

Additional costs will include your 4 day Venture Expedition (costs vary from nothing to around £400 with most £50 to £100) and some offsite activities at the Venture and your internal transfers to and from Tasmania. If required we will liaise with the State Contingent Leaders to see if it is possible for them to include you in their flights from the mainland to Tasmania and back and at what cost. This fare to and from the Venture will be payable to the relevant State Contingent.