May 17, 2022

Syd’s Wild Dayz Friday 6 January

The first full day of Expeditions and Syd travelled with Moose and Chris down to Hobart and planned out the route for the next few days visiting the various Expeditions with an after stop en route in New Norfolk.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Thursday 5 January

Syd and the rest of the camp were woken up by Princess on Wild FM a little after 5 am and from around 5.45 onwards he could be heard chasing up stragglers as the Expeditions all left between 6 and 9am.

Syd then drove out to Stanley where Jason and the Tarkine Tour were starting off and after delicious fish and chips took a very windy chairlift to the top of the Nut – great views of the surrounding area and Chris and Moose also spotted a couple of wallabies in the wild.

In the evening Syd joined the VOC and some of the other Contingent teams for dinner in Launceston before heading off South tomorrow to start to visit UK members on their Expeditions.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Sunday 1 January 2012

New Year’s day has been a scorcher with temperatures reaching 35 degrees.

We drove out to Ballarat, the site of the Sovereign Hill Gold Rush town and museum where Moose panned for gold but didn’t make his fortune and the whole team went underground into Red Hill mine.

After leaving Ballarat we drove cross country to Wallan where Graham Whelan, a Unit leader with Chris in 2006 at the Venture in New South Wales, generously hosted us for a fine Aussie barbecue along with some of their group’s Leaders and Venturers who are going off to the Venture by ferry tomorrow night.

On the way home Moose being ‘directionally challenged’ almost led to him performing a novel hook left turn on the way home!!

Syd’s Wild Dayz Mon 26 – Tues 27 December 2011

G’Day. The UK Contingent have arrived Down Under!! The Explorers from North Yorkshire are spending the week in Sydney until they fly to Tasmania on 3 January for the Venture.

The major excitement on Syd’s flight to Melbourne was an unspecified ‘incident’ elsewhere on the A380 which led to another passenger being relocated to the vacant seat next to Debbie for landing and the 2 hour stop over in Singapore giving Moose and Chris the opportunity to sample a Singapore Sling each at 8am local time!!

Syd and Co arrived in Melbourne, collected the hire car and once Moose had mastered an automatic had a smooth drive to our base for the next week – the Space Hotel, bang opposite the Old Melbourne Gaol. Moose hasn’t had to tackle the unique Melbourne ‘hook-turn’ yet when turning right but has been threatening to go and practise some ‘handbrake hook-turns’ later!!