August 19, 2022

Syd’s Wild Dayz Thursday 29 December

Today we drove along the whole Great Ocean Road, a coastal road that follows the Bass Strait to the south of Melbourne for over 200km. In the morning we passed through Torquay and stopped for coffee at Anglesea, both of which were very close to the site of Venture 2000.

We then stopped again at Split Point lighthouse, Apollo Bay and Gibson’s Steps before the highlight of a drive that offered stunning scenery throughout – the viewing platform for the Twelve Apostles, a series of rocks left behind by the sea eroding the cliffs for hundreds of years.

Along the shipwreck coast in the afternoon thankfully both Moose and the driver behind were able to pull off successful emergency stops when finding a stationary car round a blind bend which had halted to help a small minibus that had gone off of the road on the bend. All from the minibus appeared to be unscathed as we passed.