July 5, 2022

Syd’s Escape Diary 01.01.2009

A bit of a lie in this morning as it was almost 3am by the time we all got back to Heathcote and to bed last night.

We then caught the train into Sydney and the ferry over to Taronga Zoo where we met up with Bedale Explorers for the day. Plenty of Australian wildlife to see including koalas and kangaroos – a couple of the girls had their photos taken with the koala bear.

We then caught the ferry back to Sydney late afternoon and after a quick meal it was time for the Sydney Bridge climb – after being breathalysed and given a very fetching grey jump suit by our guides we were then shown how to use the safety harness and lead that attaches you to the bridge at all times including how to climb and descend the ladders.

Then it was time for the climb and our 2 groups took around 3 hours to complete this – stunning views of Sydney Opera House and the city as we climbed and the sun went down and then a great view of night time Sydney on the descent.

We finished around 22.30 so just a bit past midnight by the time we got back to Heathcote but a brilliant end to our stay in Sydney.

Syd’s Escape Diary 30.12.2008

After yesterday’s traveling and walking a more gentle day today taking the train and bus to the famous Bondi Beach where we had a couple of hours on the beach and in the sea – plenty of sunblock required again throughout the day.

Then a fish and chip lunch along the sea front before a short bus ride up past the lighthouse and onto Watson’s Bay where we then caught the sea cat back to Circular Quay, giving good views of the Bridge and Opera House.

Back to Heathcote for dinner and a few hours relaxation ahead of what is sure to be a long day tomorrow.

Syd’s Escape Diary 28.12.2008

Everyone up bright and early for breakfast and then left site at 9am for the short walk to Heathcote station and the train into Sydney.

Weather much improved – sunny and 30C

After arriving we all visited Circular Quay overlooking Harbour Bridge and Opera House before a picnic lunch and a general look around Sydney centre.

This evening we have a UK Contingent barbecue in Oatley with the group who provided home hospitality to us in 2006 – they have 7 Venturers going to Escape who leave tomorrow morning for their NSW Pre-Tour of Western Australia.

Syd’s Escape Diary 27.12.2008

We’ve arrived in Australia and taken shuttle bus up to the site at Heathcote arriving there around 11am.

A leisurely afternoon followed with a quick walk round the town and the camp site before a large storm started around 5pm.

Everyone very tired and most headed straight off to bed after dinner.