May 17, 2022

Syd’s Escape Diary 12.01.2009

A much cooler night last night which made sleeping much easier.

Today was also a more reasonable temperature of around 26C and many of the unit have been offsite – Luke to the movies, Jess and Charlotte to Rottnest Island, James surfing, while Joe, Kieron and Ian went go karting.

Unfortunately Helen has been in First Aid for the past couple of days as a bite on her foot got infected but the swelling has gone down and she’s been hopping round the site on her crutches today and should be in tomorrow’s newspaper.

All still having a great time. This evening the contingent have been practising their English haka for the closing ceremony while Martin plus Zoe from Alverton were interviewed for the official DVD.

Syd’s Escape Diary 03.01.2009

We spent today exploring Fremantle – the markets, shops, beaches, street entertainers and museums giving something of interest to everyone.

Most of the buildings date from the 18th century and the whole place has a bit of a Wild West feel to it.

A free shuttle bus runs around the whole town at 10 minute intervals.

After the day at leisure the whole UK contingent met up for the first time back at the Freo YHA and then all 38 of us went off for dinner down by the fishing harbour.

The restaurant just about coped with our party – thanks to Moose, Ian, Janet and Charly doing a great job as waiters and waitresses and then off to the neighbouring ice cream parlour for dessert.

Then back to the YHA to start packing ready for our departure to Escape tomorrow.