August 19, 2022

Syd’s Escape Diary 07.01.2009

Syd spent the morning in Margaret River buying a few bits for the contingent HQ back at Fairbridge – including some British sweets (or lollies as they call them here) Black Jacks and Fruit Salads ready for Sunday’s visitors day.

We then drove 2 hours through forests, seeing no more than 20 cars in the 2 hours it took to arrive at Northcliffe.

We met up with Jess and the Bikers expedition shortly after arriving and they had just completed a 40km ride.

The campsite was on the edge of town and semi wild kangaroos and alpacas roam the site.

A little later Alex and Martin arrived with their 4 x 4 groups – as with all of the others Syd has seen all 3 said they were really enjoying camp.

In the evening a couple of the UK service leaders arrived with the South West Tour expedition for an overnight stay, bringing news of seeing rain in Albany the previous day.

Syd’s Escape Diary 01.01.2009

A bit of a lie in this morning as it was almost 3am by the time we all got back to Heathcote and to bed last night.

We then caught the train into Sydney and the ferry over to Taronga Zoo where we met up with Bedale Explorers for the day. Plenty of Australian wildlife to see including koalas and kangaroos – a couple of the girls had their photos taken with the koala bear.

We then caught the ferry back to Sydney late afternoon and after a quick meal it was time for the Sydney Bridge climb – after being breathalysed and given a very fetching grey jump suit by our guides we were then shown how to use the safety harness and lead that attaches you to the bridge at all times including how to climb and descend the ladders.

Then it was time for the climb and our 2 groups took around 3 hours to complete this – stunning views of Sydney Opera House and the city as we climbed and the sun went down and then a great view of night time Sydney on the descent.

We finished around 22.30 so just a bit past midnight by the time we got back to Heathcote but a brilliant end to our stay in Sydney.