July 5, 2022

Syd’s Wild Dayz Friday 6 January

The first full day of Expeditions and Syd travelled with Moose and Chris down to Hobart and planned out the route for the next few days visiting the various Expeditions with an after stop en route in New Norfolk.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Thursday 5 January

Syd and the rest of the camp were woken up by Princess on Wild FM a little after 5 am and from around 5.45 onwards he could be heard chasing up stragglers as the Expeditions all left between 6 and 9am.

Syd then drove out to Stanley where Jason and the Tarkine Tour were starting off and after delicious fish and chips took a very windy chairlift to the top of the Nut – great views of the surrounding area and Chris and Moose also spotted a couple of wallabies in the wild.

In the evening Syd joined the VOC and some of the other Contingent teams for dinner in Launceston before heading off South tomorrow to start to visit UK members on their Expeditions.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Monday 2 January

Temperatures have hit 40 degrees in Melbourne but luckily Syd & Co were off to the Yarra Valley for a wine tasting tour of 4 vineyards. Moose’s directional problems found a new challenge as he confused the red wines ‘La Droite’ and ‘La Gauche’!!

In the evening we took the tram down to the beach resort of St Kilda where people were still swimming and playing on the beach past 11pm.

Tomorrow morning we head off to Tasmania for the start of the Venture.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Sunday 1 January 2012

New Year’s day has been a scorcher with temperatures reaching 35 degrees.

We drove out to Ballarat, the site of the Sovereign Hill Gold Rush town and museum where Moose panned for gold but didn’t make his fortune and the whole team went underground into Red Hill mine.

After leaving Ballarat we drove cross country to Wallan where Graham Whelan, a Unit leader with Chris in 2006 at the Venture in New South Wales, generously hosted us for a fine Aussie barbecue along with some of their group’s Leaders and Venturers who are going off to the Venture by ferry tomorrow night.

On the way home Moose being ‘directionally challenged’ almost led to him performing a novel hook left turn on the way home!!

Syd’s Wild Dayz Thursday 29 December

Today we drove along the whole Great Ocean Road, a coastal road that follows the Bass Strait to the south of Melbourne for over 200km. In the morning we passed through Torquay and stopped for coffee at Anglesea, both of which were very close to the site of Venture 2000.

We then stopped again at Split Point lighthouse, Apollo Bay and Gibson’s Steps before the highlight of a drive that offered stunning scenery throughout – the viewing platform for the Twelve Apostles, a series of rocks left behind by the sea eroding the cliffs for hundreds of years.

Along the shipwreck coast in the afternoon thankfully both Moose and the driver behind were able to pull off successful emergency stops when finding a stationary car round a blind bend which had halted to help a small minibus that had gone off of the road on the bend. All from the minibus appeared to be unscathed as we passed.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Mon 26 – Tues 27 December 2011

G’Day. The UK Contingent have arrived Down Under!! The Explorers from North Yorkshire are spending the week in Sydney until they fly to Tasmania on 3 January for the Venture.

The major excitement on Syd’s flight to Melbourne was an unspecified ‘incident’ elsewhere on the A380 which led to another passenger being relocated to the vacant seat next to Debbie for landing and the 2 hour stop over in Singapore giving Moose and Chris the opportunity to sample a Singapore Sling each at 8am local time!!

Syd and Co arrived in Melbourne, collected the hire car and once Moose had mastered an automatic had a smooth drive to our base for the next week – the Space Hotel, bang opposite the Old Melbourne Gaol. Moose hasn’t had to tackle the unique Melbourne ‘hook-turn’ yet when turning right but has been threatening to go and practise some ‘handbrake hook-turns’ later!!

Syd’s Escape Diary 13.01.2009

The penultimate full day at Fairbridge and the majority of the Unit didn’t have any major offsite activities booked today.

Many of the Unit took the Escape from Escape shuttle bus into nearby Mandurah.

Syd spotted Joe & Kieron changing some more dollars at the shopping centre. Meanwhile James was down by the foreshore with some of his tall ships unit.

Syd also heard that Helen had been allowed offsite as her foot continues to improve and as she went off with Charlotte, Jasmine and Jess would guess that some retail theorapy was prescribed.

After almost a week onsite most of us feel as though there is a residual layer of sunblock, dust and sand left even after taking a shower.

However, Moose found the perfect remedy for this at the golf shop in Mandurah ;0)

In the evening the UK Leaders went offsite to the Clansmen restaurant for a Contingent meal of steak and chips – it is a Venture tradition that the leaders from each State Contingent do this on one evening of the 2nd phase of the Venture.

Meanwhile there was a State v State competition organised with various events such as a triathlon, earth football, frozen t-shirt and dodge ball which was so fiercely competitive that a halt was called before the finale tug of war.

We entered a Commonwealth team of us and New Zealand plus the 2 Canadian Venturers – our team did really well and we await the final results at the closing ceremony with great expectation but a little fear that New South Wales may ‘fix’ the results.

Syd’s Escape Diary 12.01.2009

A much cooler night last night which made sleeping much easier.

Today was also a more reasonable temperature of around 26C and many of the unit have been offsite – Luke to the movies, Jess and Charlotte to Rottnest Island, James surfing, while Joe, Kieron and Ian went go karting.

Unfortunately Helen has been in First Aid for the past couple of days as a bite on her foot got infected but the swelling has gone down and she’s been hopping round the site on her crutches today and should be in tomorrow’s newspaper.

All still having a great time. This evening the contingent have been practising their English haka for the closing ceremony while Martin plus Zoe from Alverton were interviewed for the official DVD.

Syd’s Escape Diary 03.01.2009

We spent today exploring Fremantle – the markets, shops, beaches, street entertainers and museums giving something of interest to everyone.

Most of the buildings date from the 18th century and the whole place has a bit of a Wild West feel to it.

A free shuttle bus runs around the whole town at 10 minute intervals.

After the day at leisure the whole UK contingent met up for the first time back at the Freo YHA and then all 38 of us went off for dinner down by the fishing harbour.

The restaurant just about coped with our party – thanks to Moose, Ian, Janet and Charly doing a great job as waiters and waitresses and then off to the neighbouring ice cream parlour for dessert.

Then back to the YHA to start packing ready for our departure to Escape tomorrow.