August 19, 2022

Syd’s Escape Diary 13.01.2009

The penultimate full day at Fairbridge and the majority of the Unit didn’t have any major offsite activities booked today.

Many of the Unit took the Escape from Escape shuttle bus into nearby Mandurah.

Syd spotted Joe & Kieron changing some more dollars at the shopping centre. Meanwhile James was down by the foreshore with some of his tall ships unit.

Syd also heard that Helen had been allowed offsite as her foot continues to improve and as she went off with Charlotte, Jasmine and Jess would guess that some retail theorapy was prescribed.

After almost a week onsite most of us feel as though there is a residual layer of sunblock, dust and sand left even after taking a shower.

However, Moose found the perfect remedy for this at the golf shop in Mandurah ;0)

In the evening the UK Leaders went offsite to the Clansmen restaurant for a Contingent meal of steak and chips – it is a Venture tradition that the leaders from each State Contingent do this on one evening of the 2nd phase of the Venture.

Meanwhile there was a State v State competition organised with various events such as a triathlon, earth football, frozen t-shirt and dodge ball which was so fiercely competitive that a halt was called before the finale tug of war.

We entered a Commonwealth team of us and New Zealand plus the 2 Canadian Venturers – our team did really well and we await the final results at the closing ceremony with great expectation but a little fear that New South Wales may ‘fix’ the results.

Syd’s Escape Diary 11.01.2009

The hottest day of the trip so far with temperatures close to 40C for Visitors Day at Fairbridge.

Also the 1st day of offsite activities – Ross and Alex went karting, Jasmine to Adventure World, Luke surfing, James to Fremantle, Martin to the movies and Moose to the pool while the others either caught the shuttle bus to nearby Mandurah, enjoyed the onsite activities including water slides, wood turning, jelly wrestling, craft, camel rides or simply staying out of the red hot sun.

Syd’s Escape Diary 10.01.2009

The first full day back at Fairbridge and everybody onsite as no offsite activities today.

A whole host of activities for the Venturers to do including the onsite swimming pool, high and low ropes courses, video games in the Roverscope section, jelly wrestling and a bucking bronco amongst others.

Another hot and sunny day so may were simply happy to sit and chat in the shade for part of the afternoon.

In the evening we had a short welcome for all of the international Venturers and leaders at Escape – 102 in total of which the UK are the largest at 38.

A brief address by camp chief Scott Sargant and a chance to chat with those from New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia and smaller contingents from elsewhere.

Then off to dinner before the DJs kicked off the evening entertainment on the main stage.