October 26, 2021

Syd’s Escape Diary 29.12.2008

A fantastic barbecue in Oatley last night, enjoyed by the whole UK contingent in Sydney at present of over 30 and hosted by 1st Oatley Bay Scouts.

Great steaks, sausages, salads and pavlovas and then to top it off they arranged for the Explorers to go kayaking in Oatley Bay as well.

An early start this morning and a train trip up into the Blue Mountains for a walk recommended by Lloyd’s uncle – some stunning scenery and views of the Wentworth waterfalls but when he said it was ‘quite strenuous’ he wasn’t kidding!!

Now in Katoomba and in about 10 minutes we’re all off for a pizza before the return journey down to Sydney.

Understand that it’s freezing in Bexleyheath – sure you’ll be cheered to hear the forecast for later in the week here : 36C in Sydney and 41C in Perth!!

Syd’s Escape Diary 28.12.2008

Everyone up bright and early for breakfast and then left site at 9am for the short walk to Heathcote station and the train into Sydney.

Weather much improved – sunny and 30C

After arriving we all visited Circular Quay overlooking Harbour Bridge and Opera House before a picnic lunch and a general look around Sydney centre.

This evening we have a UK Contingent barbecue in Oatley with the group who provided home hospitality to us in 2006 – they have 7 Venturers going to Escape who leave tomorrow morning for their NSW Pre-Tour of Western Australia.