August 19, 2022

Syd’s Wild Dayz Tuesday 3 January

The UK Contingent have all safely arrived in Tasmania with the Yorkshire Contingent flying in from Sydney at 11.30 and the Bexleyheath Contingent arriving from Melbourne at 13.00 After a short transfer of around 20 minutes we arrived at Quercus Park, met up with one another and also the Explorers, Duncan, Patrick and Debbie met up with their Expedition Units for the first time as they all camp together as a Unit throughout the Venture.

The Northallerton Explorers had all thoroughly enjoyed their week in Sydney and Syd spotted several of them around the site with their new found Australian friends while Chris, Moose and Duncan met up with friends made at previous Ventures.

After dinner the camp was formally opened by the camp chief and Venture organisers together with local dignatories before entertainment kicked off culminating in an appearance by The Jezebels, a well known Australian band.

Syd’s Wild Dayz Mon 26 – Tues 27 December 2011

G’Day. The UK Contingent have arrived Down Under!! The Explorers from North Yorkshire are spending the week in Sydney until they fly to Tasmania on 3 January for the Venture.

The major excitement on Syd’s flight to Melbourne was an unspecified ‘incident’ elsewhere on the A380 which led to another passenger being relocated to the vacant seat next to Debbie for landing and the 2 hour stop over in Singapore giving Moose and Chris the opportunity to sample a Singapore Sling each at 8am local time!!

Syd and Co arrived in Melbourne, collected the hire car and once Moose had mastered an automatic had a smooth drive to our base for the next week – the Space Hotel, bang opposite the Old Melbourne Gaol. Moose hasn’t had to tackle the unique Melbourne ‘hook-turn’ yet when turning right but has been threatening to go and practise some ‘handbrake hook-turns’ later!!

Syd’s Wild Dayz 2012

Well it’s hard to believe that Escape was 3 years ago but in around 48 hours time the UK Contingent will be setting off for Australia again for some time in Sydney & Melbourne before all arriving in Tasmania on 3 January for the start of the 15th Australian Venture – Wild Dayz.

Internet connections permitting Syd will try to bring you daily updates from the Venture.

No doubt the site will look a little busier when we arrive…

Syd’s Escape Diary 02.01.2009

We’ve arrived in Western Australia after a 5 hour flight from Sydney – there is also a 2 hour time difference so we are now 9 hours ahead of the UK.

We were met at Perth Airport by Jason, Brian and Tiny of the Escape organising team and they bussed us down to Fremantle (about 40 minutes) to our home for the next 2 nights at Freemantle YHA.

The weather is even hotter here – 37 degrees – so ever more important to ‘slip, slap, slop’ – after the evening meal the ‘Freemantle Doctor’ cooling breeze came in from the sea.

Syd’s Escape Diary 01.01.2009

A bit of a lie in this morning as it was almost 3am by the time we all got back to Heathcote and to bed last night.

We then caught the train into Sydney and the ferry over to Taronga Zoo where we met up with Bedale Explorers for the day. Plenty of Australian wildlife to see including koalas and kangaroos – a couple of the girls had their photos taken with the koala bear.

We then caught the ferry back to Sydney late afternoon and after a quick meal it was time for the Sydney Bridge climb – after being breathalysed and given a very fetching grey jump suit by our guides we were then shown how to use the safety harness and lead that attaches you to the bridge at all times including how to climb and descend the ladders.

Then it was time for the climb and our 2 groups took around 3 hours to complete this – stunning views of Sydney Opera House and the city as we climbed and the sun went down and then a great view of night time Sydney on the descent.

We finished around 22.30 so just a bit past midnight by the time we got back to Heathcote but a brilliant end to our stay in Sydney.

Syd’s Escape Diary 31.12.2008

Well who would have thought it was New Year’s Eve today – a trip to the beach at Cronulla for a 2 hour surf lesson which pretty much everyone enjoyed despite a few bumps and bruises.

Then a train ride into the centre of Sydney for a Chinese meal ahead of the 9pm fireworks in Darling Harbour before walking around to Piermont Park for a view of the Bridge ahead of the midnight fireworks.

Happy New Year to you all back home.

Syd’s Escape Diary 29.12.2008

A fantastic barbecue in Oatley last night, enjoyed by the whole UK contingent in Sydney at present of over 30 and hosted by 1st Oatley Bay Scouts.

Great steaks, sausages, salads and pavlovas and then to top it off they arranged for the Explorers to go kayaking in Oatley Bay as well.

An early start this morning and a train trip up into the Blue Mountains for a walk recommended by Lloyd’s uncle – some stunning scenery and views of the Wentworth waterfalls but when he said it was ‘quite strenuous’ he wasn’t kidding!!

Now in Katoomba and in about 10 minutes we’re all off for a pizza before the return journey down to Sydney.

Understand that it’s freezing in Bexleyheath – sure you’ll be cheered to hear the forecast for later in the week here : 36C in Sydney and 41C in Perth!!

Syd’s Escape Diary 28.12.2008

Everyone up bright and early for breakfast and then left site at 9am for the short walk to Heathcote station and the train into Sydney.

Weather much improved – sunny and 30C

After arriving we all visited Circular Quay overlooking Harbour Bridge and Opera House before a picnic lunch and a general look around Sydney centre.

This evening we have a UK Contingent barbecue in Oatley with the group who provided home hospitality to us in 2006 – they have 7 Venturers going to Escape who leave tomorrow morning for their NSW Pre-Tour of Western Australia.

Syd’s Escape Diary 22.12.2008

Well just a few days to go now until we set off for Oz – all of the clothing has arrived and Lloyd has this for distribution. A quick reminder – travel to Sydney from Gatwick is in Explorer / Leader activity polo shirt, UK scarf and UK fleece. You should also make sure that you have your Explorer uniform shirt with you as this must be worn to arrive at Escape (the UK badge should be sewn above the pocket) and your UK contingent shirt and navy Escape trousers which will be required during Escape. Have a great Christmas and see you at the hall at 3.45.